Veel mensen doen niet veel meer dan een kaars aansteken en ze erna weer uitblazen.

Ondanks dat dit wel werkt, kan je met enkele kleine dingen te doen veel meer plezier uit je kaarsen halen.


De basics

– nooit zonder toezicht
– opruimen
– doven

De eerste keer

The very first time you light your candle is the most important. Whatever you do, resist the urge to just light it for 30 minutes so you can see what it smells like. What this will do is create a ‘memory pool’ in the candle and every time you burn it after that, it will only melt the wax up to that point, creating a ‘tunnel’ in your candle and wasting precious wax.

So when lighting your candle for the very first time, you want to ensure it’s burning for at least 2 hours for a smaller candle or 4 for a large multi-wick candle. The entire top layer of the candle should be liquid for this first burn – all the way to the edge of the vessel. This means every time you burn it after that, the entire top layer will continue to go liquid and you’ll get the longest-lasting candle possible.

You may find that for the first hour or so, you won’t get much scent from the candle, This is pretty normal and you’ll be able to get a better scent throw with subsequent burns after this.

The first time you will light a candle the wick is probably exceptionally long. The wick must be cut short up to 2,5 cm before lighting the candle. The 2,5 cm is considered as the best length the wick could have, when the wick is to long it can result in excessive smoke, a shorter lifetime and a scorched jar. When the wick is too short a pool of wax might arise that could suffocate flame.

To make sure that the candle burns at is best, it must burn at least 1 hour at the time for every 2,5 centimeters. For example, if you have a 7.5 cm wide candle, the very first time you light the candle let it burn for at least 3 hours. Why? Because candles are not just a ball of wax, they are capable of holding memory. The candle will stick to the size of the melt pool of wax and each time you will light it thereafter it will melt back to that particular pool size.



De laatste keer / het einde